Wiesenfeld Cherry Red VG-87 2yr.
(Talent x Rubens)

Wiesenfeld Talent Cherry Red VG-87        Wiesenfeld Rubens Cherry VG-87-DE
Left: Wiesenfeld Talent Cherry Red VG-87
Right: Wiesenfeld Rubens Cherry VG-87-DE

Prod.: 2.04 305d   9.314kgM 4.07%F 379kgF 3.52%P 328kgP LW 111+
                  448d 12.485kgM 4.24%F 529kgF 3.64%P 454kgP

Conformation: 87FR 87DS 87MS 88FL / VG-87 2yr.

Sire: Ladino-Park Talent
Dam: Wiesenfeld Rubens Cherry VG-87-DE
La1 305d 9.410kgM 3.67%F 345kgF 3.36%P 316kgP

MGS.: STBVQ Rubens
MGD.: Granduc Milestone Celibrity VG-88-DE
2.00 305d 8.946kgM 4.3%F 380kgF 3.4%P 301kgP
Imported from Canada

MGGS.: Brooknook Milestone Red
MGGD.: Cloverlands Skylar Cherry Red VG-87-CAN DOM 12*
2.03 335d 11.622kgM 3.6%F 422kgF 3.1%P 358kgP
3.04 305d 17.621kgM 3.5%F 625kgF 3.1%P 546kgP
4.09 365d 23.421kgM 3.9%F 907kgF 3.1%P 719kgP
2 Superior Lactation Awards
1993 Canadian Champion 4yr. for Milk/Fat/Protein/Total Performance
16 daughters: 100% GP or better / ME avg. 305d 13.233kgM 3.9%F 3.2%P
3rd dam to Dudoc MR. BURNS @ Semex!
Grand dam to TRIBUTE @ Semex!

Robe-Jan Skyler Chief
MGGGD.: Cloverlands Sexation Courtney GP-USA
Lifetime: 63.998 kg milk

MGGGGS.: Ocean-View Sexation
MGGGGD.: Cloverlands King Colorado-Red VG-USA
Lifetime: 70.820 kg milk

VG-87 Talent x VG-87 Rubens x VG-88 Milestone x VG-87 Skyler Chief x GP-US Sexation x VG-US Rich Gift
* Really nice Talent daughter from the family of the great Dudoc Mr. BURNS @ Semex and Granduc TRIBUTE @ Semex!
* Grand dam was imported from Canada to Germany
* 3rd dam is the famous Cloverlands Skylar Cherry Red VG-87-CAN DOM the Canadian Champion 1993 for Fat / Protein / Milk / Total Performance