Ruegruet Damion Quinta VG-86-CH 2yr.
(Damion x Champion)


Ruegruet Damion Quinta VG-86-CH        Ruegruet Champion Queeny
Left: Ruegruet Damion Quinta VG-86-CH 2yr.
Right: Ruegruet Champion Queeny

Conformation: VG-86-CH VG-87-MS 2yr.

Show results: 1st  Swiss Expo Lausanne 2008
                      1st Expo Bulle 2009

Sire: Erbacrest Damion
Dam: Ruegruet Champion Queeny
La1 305d 8.583kgM 3.9%F 338kgF 3.2%P 273kgP
La2 305d 8.684kgM 4.5%F 392kgF 3.6%P 313kgP

MGS.: Calbrett-IHH Champion
MGD.: Ruegruet Bonatus Star Quality VG-89
La3 305d 12.877kgM 3.8%F 489kgF 3.3%P 418kgP
Champion LUGA 2003

MGGS.: Bonatus
MGGD.: Landins Chicago S Queen VG-88
3Lact 1342d 41.158kgM 3.7%F 1535kgF 3.1%P 1257kgP
Champion Berner Junior Expo Thun 1995

Peartome Jackpot
MGGGD.: Landins Valjeto Chicago VG-89
8Lact 3090d 74.907kgM 4.2%F 3166kgF 3.3%P 2494kgP

* One of the best young show cows from Switzerland imported to the Netherlands
* She was allready 1st at the Swiss Expo Lausanne '08 and 1st Expo Bulle '09!
* Dam is a great cow sired by Champion
* Grand dam was Champion at the Luga 2003
* Great show family with a deep back ground
* Same family as the Swiss high type bull Ruegruet Questo at Swiss Genetics
* Also same family as the beautifull Derry dtr Ruegruet Derry Quebec EX-92!