B-Throne Brittney VG-87 VG-89-MS 2yr.
(Throne x Durham)

Regancrest Regancrest-PR Barbie            B-Throne Brittney
Left: Regancrest Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 (Full sister to dam)
Right: B-Throne Brittney VG-87 2yr.

Prod.: 2.02 305d   9.951kgM 3.99%F 397kgF 3.60%P 357kgP LW 132+
                   392d 12.476kgM 4.15%F 518kgF 3.68%P 459kgP

Conformation: 89FR 89DS 89MS 84FL / VG-87-NL 2yr.

Show results: Res. Champion Beilen 2007

Sire: Timlynn Throne
Dam: Regancrest Durham Bliss VG-89-US 2yr. GMD
2.01 305d 11.939kgM 3.7%F 441kgF 3.2%P 386kgP

Regancrest Elton Durham
MGD.: Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92 GMD
2.06 365d 13.649kgM 3.5%F 479kgF 3.1%P 425kgP
4.04 365d 18.434kgM 3.6%F 670kgF 3.0%P 552kgP
Full sister of proven sire, Regancrest Juror Bond

MGGS.: Ked Juror
MGGD.: Regancrest Aerostar Bert EX-90 GMD DOM
2.02 365d 11.471kgM 3.6%F 414kgF 3.5%P 396kgP
3.06 365d 13.966kgM 3.8%F 536kgF 3.2%P 453kgP
5.02 365d 17.141kgM 3.6%F 616kgF 3.2%P 551kgP

MGGGS.: Madawaska Aerostar
MGGGD.: Regancrest Mark Chairman Bea EX-91 2E GMD DOM
4.04 365d 12.714kgM 4.2%F 538kgF 3.3%P 415kgP
6.00 365d 15.164kgM 3.9%F 597kgF 3.1%P 468kgP
7.09 365d 15.254kgM 3.8%F 579kgF 3.1%P 477kgP

MGGGGS.: Walkway Chief Mark
MGGGGD.: Regancrest Board Chairman Bea EX-90
5.09 365d 11.798kgM 4.1%F 480kgF 3.4%P 401kgP

VG-87 Throne x VG-89 Durham x EX-92 Ked Juror x EX-90 Aerostar x EX-91 Chief Mark x EX-91 Chairman x VG-86 Apache x VG-85 Standout
* She was Res. Champion at Beilen 2007
* VG-87 2yr. with a VG-89 udder!
* Great sire stack: Throne x Durham x Juror Brina!
* Family members sold for amazing high prices
* Chassity is the 4 family members are in the top 5 of the American PTAT index range!
* She is the maternal sister to Breakout @ ABS!
* Her mother was the lovely Durham daughter Regancrest Durham Bliss VG-89 2yr.!
* Her mother is the full sister to the famous Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92!
* Grand dam is the full sister of the proven sire Regancrest Juror Bond